Interveners in Mental Health and Psychiatry as an interface in a colonial order (Abstract)

This anide analyzes the changes in Mental  Health  and Psychiatry in Chile in recent decades, from a genealogical  approach that  accounts  for the social and historical  conditions that  have enabled  these changes.  The objective  is to visit the historical practices of confinement as punishment and  social control, medicine  and psychiatry,  to understand the current  model  of Mental Health  and Community Psychiatry.  The method consisted of an ethnographic approach  to a Center  for Mental  Health and Community Psychiatry  (CESAMCO) seeking to link objects and technologies found  in the genealogical  exercise and from there to account for current  practices of professionals in this field. The result shows  that  despite the changes  that  have existed  throughout the history of the Chilean  state around social  intervention,  the colonial  element  remains  in validating practices. We  conclude  that the changes  in mental health and  psychiatry  maintain  the generator matrix  of rnodernity/ coloniality,  specifically with regard  to the desirable  subjectivities  that  guide  intervention  processes. In this plays a central  role the rather  than  disappearance of enunciation practitioners.

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